made To fish

custom and classic tapers

Each 304 fly rod is made to fish.  No extra bells and whistles.  Just a traditional, functional fly rod.

I continue to move to 100% in-house production.  The small amount of purchased components I use are of the highest quality.

I make a wide range of tapers.  I can make a rod based on one of my tapers, or use a classic taper for those wanting a more traditional rod.

hand made

304 rod company - Custom, handcrafted bamboo fly rods

I use the highest quality components in all rods.​

Quality Components

Custom Bamboo Fly rods

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USA made hand planed custom bamboo fly rods. Made to order.

I am an experienced maker, having made over 140 rods/blanks,  All of my rods are made entirely by me. I am an also an experienced fly caster, first learning to fly fish in the early 1980's. We can discuss exactly what you are looking for in a rod and make sure the taper fits your needs. This is a service that some cheaper rod makers do not offer.

All of my rods are hand-planed from Tonkin bamboo, available in flamed or blonde tone. The finish is rubbed polyurethane, which produces a warm semi-gloss finish. The guides are wrapped in silk, with agate or hard alloy ring stripping guides, depending on preference. I have also begun making filament wound fiberglass ferrules and am offering prototypes at a deep discount.  

Tapers - I can make essentially any reasonable taper. I use a collection of classic and modern tapers, along with a few of my own.

I am taking orders. Shoot me an email if you are interested in a rod.