you may notice that the cost of a 304 rod is lower than many options available.  The reason for this is simple. I make and sell rods at a price that I can sustain my passion for making rods.  I make rods because I love the process.  I charge a lower price because I am interested in making rods more than I am making money.  my goal is to make rods that people love to fish, not pad my bank account.

​Current pricing

about 304 bamboo fly rods

each rod is handcrafted by me, in Charleston, west Virginia.  A minimum of sourced components are used and each of those are of the highest quality.

i am an avid fly fishermen and know what makes a good fishing tool.  i understand what works where and what people are looking for in a fly rod.  drop me a line and we can discuss what would work best for you.

304 Rod Company

Custom Bamboo Fly rods

I can make a wide range of rods, from small 5 foot brook trout rods to larger rods designed for saltwater use.  If you are interested in a particular type of fly rod, let me know and we can work it out.

if you want, I can probably make it

Single tip, two piece rod - $750.00

Two tip, two piece rod - $950.00

​There will be an additional charge for three piece rods.

​Unfinished, ferruled blanks - $350